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The term “Aluminum” refers to a naturally occurring element that has a great number of uses. It is produced in a wide variety of sizes with close tolerances that allow the tubing to be used in mechanical parts with little or no metal removal or machining. Some of the principal benefits you can expect from as-welded tubing in mechanical applications.

  • Light Weight – As-welded tubing has uniform wall thickness and concentricity, as well as uniform mechanical properties.
  • Resist Corrosion – Cold forming gives as-welded tubing a higher yield and tensile strength than the steel from which it is made.
  • Infinitely recyclable – The close dimensional tolerances of as-welded tubing allows its use for mechanical parts with minimal downstream processing.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Because due to its abundance in nature.
  • Wide Size Range – Tubing is available in an exceptionally broad range of OD and wall thickness dimensions.
  • Variety of Shapes – Tubing is produced in round, square and rectangular shapes and in a variety of special shapes to meet the needs of individual applications.